Onamomi: Japanese Noun
1. Name of the seed of the Xantium Spinosum plant. A prickly seed case or flower head that clings to animals fur and clothes. Also known as a Cocklebur.

2. Designs that sticks to your mind and heart.

3. Web portfolio of Luis M. Deprat.


Hi! My name is Luis Deprat and I'm a graphic designer. Welcome to my portfolio!

Since childhood I have enjoyed drawing, painting and making cartoons. As I grew up, my interests evolved and my love for the arts increased. Living surrounded by brands and their visual identities made me want to be able to create and “talk” through graphics and icons.

With that in mind, I studied Communications at the American University of Puerto Rico. And, to get in touch with the traditional arts, I attended the Liga de Arte de San Juan, where I learned Silkscreening, Mixed Multimedia and Caricaturing, among other disciplines.

I love developing new projects, from the the basic idea of sketches, to the deployment of websites. I like to start from the concept of a client vision, moving to the brand identity. I also collaborate with other professionals in the fields of publishing, programming and production, which enables me to create custom solutions for companies and institutions.

Your idea is the perfect starting point for a great business project! Please, let me hear them. I want to help you develop your dreams into successful business ventures.

I’m also available for freelance work! Please use the contact section to chat with me at your earliest convenience.


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